Thursday, April 26, 2018

Warzone: Atomic Empire - List Building and Prep Game

With under a month to go until Warzone: Atomic Empire, James and I managed to get our first test game in last weekend. Both of us are flailing a little in terms of list builds post FAQ so we are both sort of defaulting back to things we have mostly painted that might work out ok.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Facing The Grey Tide Podcast - Episode 66: The Renegade Tournament Recap and Update

What is up Everyone? This week Chandler and Bryan are joined by Dave and Puck from The Renegade Tournament to go through Renegade Open 2017 and to update us with a couple of new tournaments.  The boys talk about everything that went into The Renegade Open 2017, their thoughts, reactions, and some of the behind the scenes of things they noticed from the results.  The guys then break down two upcoming tournaments:  The Spring CONflagration and The Renegade Team Tournament.  They break down the full rules, the times and dates, and even get into some of the cool aspects of the list building.  The guys also talk about their rules packets and the rules for building a list or a team.  These guys bring a lot of knowledge, a lot of great events, and some fantastic information for all of you that are looking to participate in their events.  Also, There is a huge announcement about Warzone:  Atlanta coming from Dave and Puck, but I won't spoil it here.

As a wise sage once said:  "Renegades are people, with their own philosophy," and it clearly shows in how their events have grown over the years.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

FTGT Turns 5

Facing the Grey Tide has now celebrated its fifth birthday (as of a couple weeks ago). As I mentioned in last year's birthday recap, we still have no intentions to close up shop. Even if we're not as active as we would like in getting content out, our attempts to face our Grey Tides have not stopped, even if sometimes it feels like I'm going backward.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Facing The Grey Tide Podcast - Episode 65: FAQ Preview and Thoughts on Tau and Necrons

What is up Everyone? This week Chandler, Evan, and Bryan are talking about their thoughts on the possible FAQ, their thoughts on the the new mini knights, and the release of Tau.  The boys start to talk about what they think of the Tau codex in terms of GW's possible greater move, some of their thoughts on lists leading into Adepticon, and how the mini Knights fit into all of this idea.  The boys also talk briefly about their thoughts on some of the other issues that might exist between the true state of the game and where GW sees the game.  The second half of the game, they talk about the Tau codex and their initial thoughts.  With a very limited time of looking at the Tau Codex, the boys give their initial thoughts on the codex, and they see a very high infantry count army in the future.  They finish off with a little Necron talk since the release of some preliminary rules have hit the web.

The boys are back after a mini break, and the future looks to be on the ground.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Competitive List Building and Bat Rep - Evan's Tyranids 1.3

Building off my last list-building post, this post is going to go over the changes I made from the last version of my Tyranid list to the one I used last week in a game against James and his Poxwalker bomb list, and review how that game went. This is also likely the final version of the list before the impending March Balance FAQ, which I'm nervous could impact the future of the list.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Facing The Grey Tide Podcast - Episode 64: Crazy List Building

What is up Everyone? This week Chandler, Evan, and Bryan are talking about crazy list designs and where there place in list building lies.  We talk about how these lists come up, how we should approach the lists, what can we take from crazy list building.  Evan and Bryan bring some key points on what to do with certain lists and where the lists should be played.  We then jump into some of the crazy Nid lists and some fun lists that we have come up with.  How do we feel about Sporocysts?  How many is too many Tyrants?  Are outflanking Primaris Marines worth their costs?  What happens when you confuse the rules?  All of these have played into the crazy lists at one point or another, and the guys discuss where that happy valley lies.

The True question of 40k life:  What is list?  Correct Answer:  42

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Competitive List Building - Evan's Tyranids 1.2

On our first podcast of 2018, Bryan mentioned an idea I really liked: keeping a changelog of his lists as he begins his Year of the Tyranids (hence the title). As someone with more responsibilities than game time (assuming that's most everyone), I tend to have more lists than games with said lists. My thought in shamelessly stealing Bryan's idea, is to do a bit of a post series documenting this changelog publicly for each army I embark on. I won't inundate these posts with every single list I consider and debate, but just those that actually see the table, and maybe the first thought revision following the last game.

Warzone Atlanta 2017 Army - henceforth referred to as List 0.3

As the first of its kind, this post will also include some backtracking to show where I have come from.